Why you should be training with us

When I first opened Hang 5 Fitness at StudiosFUSE, I knew the surfboards were unique and could offer a better way of training the body using feedback to balance the muscles. What I found out over the year's time is that so many of you want to get on that SURF board to see what it feels like, but aren't really sure how it fits into your normal workout routine. So if you don't come back, that's terrible! I've been training and coaching people over the last 35 years and our current program offerings can be all you need to be strong, move with ease, and be your best at any activity. Here's five reasons you should be coming to classes at Hang 5 Fitness. THE SURFBOARDS. Your body needs feedback to

Detox with a Bowl

Why Detox? Detoxing with food is a great way to be kind to your body. Due to exposure to toxins, poor diet, stress and exposure to viruses and infections, food is your secret weapon to healing your gut. Here are four quick lunch bowls to help you detox during the middle of the day. 1. Avocado Toasted Bowl -  Start with a mashed avocado, then add a drizzle of olive oil, lime salt, pepper, cumin, siracha then add toast points or corn chips. Why avocados? The healthy fat avocados contain will get your bile levels up, helping to get rid of toxins that have been stagnant due to low bile production and utilize fat soluble vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K) that are so importa

Stop low back pain

Low back pain isn't cured by crunches. If you suffer from low back pain, there can be many tight muscles that contribute to the soreness, stiffness and pain you are feeling. Repeatedly experts say that low back pain stems from a weak core. Then people focus on crunches to strengthen it. But doing 100 crunches a day will not make a difference in low back pain and not do much to strengthen your core either. If you have low back pain you should focus on strengthening your butt and hamstrings. Try these exercises: Also focus on good posture and alignment. Workouts like Barre Pilates can help focus on standing taller and these types of exercises are practiced in every class.

Do you have a weak link?

One weak link in the chain can break it when you apply tension. Our Barre Pilates classes help you tone, sculpt and build a better muscular chain to help you feel stronger and be your best. We don’t bark orders at you during class. We guide you to focusing on posture, proper alignment and balance. I want to personally invite you to the 6-Week Challenge at Hang 5 Fitness. It takes dedication and time to make changes in your body...but it feels so good when they happen. Our new 6-Week Challenge program starts in February and for $99 you can enjoy 6 weeks of unlimited classes AND when you complete 30 classes, you can CELEBRATE with a private party for up to 12 of your friends. We guarantee you’

Why should you detox your body?

Detox your mind body and contact list. There are many times in your life that you need a little cleansing. You brush your teeth each morning and night, you shower each day after a workout, why shouldn't you clean up your insides, your headspace and yes! - even your email inbox. Clean up from the inside. With exposure to toxins, poor diet, stress and infections, your body needs extra support for to create healthy pathways. Food is medicine. Eating the right foods more often can provide for a regular cleansing process. It enable the liver, kidneys and GI track to work optimally. Here are 3 ways to cleanse your body from the inside: 1. Cleansing Foods. Tune into FOX News, Feb 26th, 12:45pm to l

3 Tips to Helping Your Teen be More Respectful to Others

Being a teenager is usually a little frustrating for parents. It is no secret that teenagers are a challenge. Basically, at some point, all of these people are miserable because of teenage years. Although it is often assumed the one most guilty of the challenges faced during this period is the teen, nothing could be further from the truth. This is a very confusing period for teens because they too do not understand the changes they go through. Adulting 101: Millennial Life Skills Classes are excellent since they help the teachers and guardians to train teens to be more respectful to others. Transition from a demanding to a supportive parent When a teen messes up, the natural reaction is to b

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