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A quick guide to healthy post-pregnancy weight loss

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Being Healthy During Pregnancy

Our bodies undergo significant changes during pregnancy – you’re growing another human, so it’s completely to be expected. One of the most common is experiencing some weight gain. This is entirely healthy – not gaining enough weight during this time can actually be dangerous for both you and your baby. During a regular pregnancy, you can expect to gain around 10kg to 12.5kg, due to both the baby weight and your body storing excess fat in preparation for after the birth. 

Natural postpartum weight loss typically occurs quite quickly in the first few weeks, before becoming more gradual in the subsequent months. In fact, experts suggest that most women will lose half of their baby weight within just six weeks after giving birth. However, it generally takes up to a year to return to your pre-pregnancy weight, so don’t be discouraged if your progress slows a little after the initial accelerated weight loss. 

As you adjust to your new routine with your little one, sticking to a healthy diet, sleeping regime and exercise schedule can be challenging. In this post, we discuss some things you can do to help you through the process. 

The importance of eating 

We all understand how important it is to put the right types of food into our bodies – but this is only heightened after having a baby. A good diet provides a solid foundation for so many other aspects of a healthy lifestyle but, when time is limited, it’s more difficult to maintain consistently healthy eating habits. One effective way to stay in control is through meal prepping, even before your child is born. There are so many healthy recipes that are both filling and tasty, and many can be stored in the freezer for when you need them. Experiment with different foods to find meals that work for you

When your newborn baby becomes the center of your world, it’s easy to let some of your own healthy habits slip, and perhaps skip the odd meal. But missing meals can be counterproductive to your progress, because your metabolism can slow down and you’ll lack the energy needed to remain active. Plus, if you’re breastfeeding, not getting enough calories can put your and your baby’s health at risk. 

Ease into exercise

Pregnancy guides to Exercise
Be Mindful to Ease into Exercise

For most women who experience a birth with no complications, it will be safe to start gentle exercise within a few weeks (high-impact exercise should wait until after you’ve spoken to a medical professional). That being said, everyone’s different, so a routine that works for a friend might not be the best approach for you. Most importantly, listen to your body at all times, and if exercise is particularly uncomfortable or begins to hurt, give yourself some more time to rest and recover. 

Sticking to a pre-pregnancy exercise routine is likely to be unrealistic during this period, so think about how you can change your regime to suit your new lifestyle. Perhaps this means doing more virtual workouts at home, or joining an exercise class that’s tailored to new mothers. 

Don’t go it alone

With so much information out there, you don’t have to guess your way through your postpartum weight loss journey. Lean on expert advice to guide you from start to finish, and you’ll soon develop healthy habits that’ll help you feel back to your best

On top of your physical health, your mental wellbeing can be put under strain during this time. The two things aren’t mutually exclusive – working to improve your mental health will help you on your weight loss journey, and vice versa. Joining an exercise group is a great way to train both your body and your mind, since the social aspect (and advice sharing amongst people in similar situations) will support your mental wellbeing. 


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