Double Knee Replacement Surgery Day

On the day of surgery, I arrived at 10:30AM, and without an "Advil" or pain reliever for over a week, and nothing in my belly, I was ready for surgery. It starts off in a way you might expect. You check in at the counter and soon are placed in a room to change into a surgical gown, hair in a bonnet, and all valuables placed in a bag to be placed in your room. You have your blood pressure, temperature and heart rate checked and off you're zoomed into the surgery staging area. For me, I had a reaction to the antibiotic they were giving me thru the IV which resulted in my having my head start to feel like it needed to be scratched. Soon I was scratching my head, my back and feeling really uncom

Knee Replacement Surgery- prepping for surgery

Making the decision for knee replacement surgery isn't easy. The idea of shutting down your normal routine for 8-12 weeks is overwhelming. For me making the decision for having surgery on both knees at once was not an issue. I couldn't imagine taking the time off and going through rehab two times in one year. Double knee replacement surgery was booked and although I didn't really know what I was getting into, I trusted my doctor and started on the journey. Dr Ghapti, Northshore Hospital, recommended that I would be a good candidate for double knee replacement because I was under 60 and in good physical health. He also recommended for me to go home after the hospital for home health as oppos

Suit Up: How What You Wear Impacts Your Workout

Aside from helping you look the part, there are a number of reasons why we wear certain clothes at the gym. From tanks and tights to headbands and trainers, workout gear has become a must-have for any type of sport. Think about it: Would you feel like running, cycling or swimming in your button-down shirt and jeans? Probably not. But the effects that workout clothing has on our body and mind go far beyond the way they look. In this post, we’ll show you how what you wear impacts your workout and help you decide what you should be wearing the next time you hit the gym. Motivation Boost According to recent studies, professional sports teams that wear black or red are more aggressive than those

Double Knee Replacement Journal- Day 1

At age 53, I finally decided after recovering from 2 herniated discs and one ruptured disc this past year, that I would make an appointment to get my knees checked out. I felt pain in my knees for years and visibly my right knee was bowing out to the side. I had 3 prior knee surgeries, first at age 15, age 19 and then age 30. Surgeries included meniscus tears and ACL reconstruction, and doctors telling me by age 50 I would need both knees replaced. In my mind, I thought, I practice good judgement and have continued with regular exercise my entire life, that all I might need is a little more cushion. I met with Dr. Bowen, specializing in non-surgical knee pain to see what options I would have

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Neglect Skin Health

In today’s world, taking care of your skin is more important than ever, as there are an increasing number of lifestyle factors that can harm your skin in one way or another. This includes a lack of sleep, processed foods, alcohol and cigarettes, stress, lack of exercise, high sugar consumption, and unprotected sun exposure. We’re all guilty of at least one of these skin-damaging lifestyle choices. Of course, the reality is that most of us can’t completely avoid all these factors. That’s why it’s important to do what we can to maintain the wellbeing of our skin, even through the rough times. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t neglect skin health. To Prevent Cancer We know that sun exposu

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