5 Creative Ways to Get Fit

Often, when people are asked why they don’t exercise, the answer is: there is no time. If you feel like working out is like another hapless chore, you can try to spice it up. After all, you need to burn your extra calories, and you should do it in the most interesting ways else you will think of many other excuses not to exercise. If you are one who drags himself to the gym, you can make workout spell fun. Here are five tips on how to stop being sluggish and find your way to getting your body fit. 1. Dancing If you are getting too tired of the repetitive workout you do at the gym, you can try being more creative with your routines by dancing. Pole dancing, for example, is a full body exerci

Athlete training: Myofascial Tension

By now if you're an athlete, a coach or trainer has opened the door to foam rolling. Foam rolling targets the myofascial covering of the muscles that have become thickened or callused from repetitive movement patterns. Many marathon hopefuls are sidelined each year due to IT band syndromes, plantar fasciitis, and other foot, knee, or hip injuries that could be prevented. That said, foam rolling regimens are somewhat painful and disregarded by many athletes and trainers in the process. But understanding how this restriction on the muscle movement and muscle range of motion can be less painful and even fun. The idea of adding vibration and heat to decrease pain has been adopted across the m

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