5 Star Second act to follow

With the winds of change bringing a new landscape of color, a fresh start on the second half of the year is at hand. Falling back into a new fitness program can bring rearview mirror vision on how to make this “Second Act” a successful finish to your new year resolutions. It’s time to change your program and make it to a strong finish for the year. With your goals still to be met, it’s time to reflect, regroup, rejuvenate and rewrite your fitness story for this year. 1. Reflect: Take time to look back at the past months and write down all the positive things you’ve done. Take notice of the workouts you’ve made possible and the happy feelings after you’ve finished them and bathe yourself

Whatever you are, be a good one

It seems that so many people I meet as an entrepreneur are working on more than one project. Even those with a full-time career are busy working on a business that they are more passionate about and hoping to move to a single focus at some point. That leaves me thinking when the above phrase caught my eye... WHATEVER YOU ARE BE A GOOD ONE. I wear many hats and am moving in many directions. Often people have criticized my ADHD in the business world saying I should focus on one thing and stick to it. What I have often rationalized is that all my businesses are connected... but really they are only connected by me. Although they have a business account, income and expenses, it's difficult to

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