Does UV Light Really Kill those Viruses, Germs and Fungi?

The truth about UV Light and keeping your mats clean. These days everything we see is about hygiene and keeping things free of viruses, especially. COVID19. As a practicing yogi, I see people bring their same old yoga mat to classes and wonder if their mat has ever been cleaned. But then the next question would be, how are they cleaning it? Some companies would like you to believe the answer is UV light. UV Light Naturally occurring UV light is basically light from the sun. Sunshine contains three types of rays, UV-A, B and C. UV-A, UV-B are the kind that penetrate through the ozone to reach our bodies, cause skin wrinkling, sunburn and cancer. There’s a third one most people are unfamiliar

How to Prevent Skin Flare-Ups When You Sweat a Lot - Skincare Tips for Gym-Goers

If you frequent the gym or like to work out at home, the results are often the same. Exercising and working up a sweat is great for the body but can sometimes cause issues when it comes to skin. If you have trouble with breakouts, this compilation of tips should help you out: Skip the Hot Shower First of all, you should not skip the shower altogether! Showering after a workout is essential, as you need to wash away all that sweat and grime. One mistake that lots of people make, however, is showering with hot water. Heat feels good on sore muscles, but its bad news for the skin. If you suffer from acne, try a cold shower for acne instead. Start with the temperature warm and use a good anti-ba

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