It's just water. . . or do you need something more.

How do you know if you're drinking enough water? Many people argue over the 8 glasses a day for optimal hydration but really the only way to know if you're clearly hydrated is to have clear urine each day which many of us haven't seen in days. The truth is that if you're thirsty, you're in a state of dehydration which means that thirst is not a good indicator. But if you stay hydrated, a few amazing things can happen. You'll have more energy and be less fatigued. It helps with weight loss since it can replace calorie laden beverages and will help flush out toxins. With this in mind, everyone can see that healthy skin comes from a healthy diet and being well-hydrated. What you may not re

The Top 3 Up and Coming Medical Trends in 2018

With healthcare legislation in the United States not seeing a definitive path anytime soon, there is much speculation in the industry. These speculations give rise to various trends that may redefine healthcare for industry players, practitioners, and patients. Different healthcare trends are creating much anticipation among stakeholders that various preparations are being done today. And while some things, facts, and processes remain unstable; there are those that have the potential to dominate healthcare practices, not only in the US but across the world. Some of these overreaching healthcare trends proliferate the continued evolution of the industry that is targeted towards better care an

5 Tips and Tricks to Having Less Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can reduce your productivity. Although we are all vulnerable to this kind of pain, there are things that can be done to reduce the magnitude of pain. The key to remedying lower back pain lies in knowing what causes it in the first place. More often, pain in the lower back is caused by stretching muscles and ligaments that are adjacent to the spine. You don’t even need to take any medicine when suffering from back pain. A few activities here and there are enough to get you going without the pain. Below are tricks that you can use to prevent lower back pain. 1. Massage When you experience lower back pain, you should have someone massage you with an ointment cream. You should ne

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