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The Top 3 Up and Coming Medical Trends in 2018

concierge medicine is on the rise

With healthcare legislation in the United States not seeing a definitive path anytime soon, there is much speculation in the industry. These speculations give rise to various trends that may redefine healthcare for industry players, practitioners, and patients. Different healthcare trends are creating much anticipation among stakeholders that various preparations are being done today. And while some things, facts, and processes remain unstable; there are those that have the potential to dominate healthcare practices, not only in the US but across the world. Some of these overreaching healthcare trends proliferate the continued evolution of the industry that is targeted towards better care and less expense.

Here are some of the most anticipated healthcare trends of the New Year that everyone must know and watch out for:

  1. Data-Driven Care to Improve Processes, Efficiencies, Behaviors, and Results With value- based care in the center of focus of various healthcare players today, data- driven mechanisms are expected to become the norm, instead of the exception. Science and technology innovation that appreciates and improves handling of big data allows processes, efficiencies, behaviors, and results to become more data- driven. This can also be attributed to the fact that more and more patients are now using digital tools to make healthcare decisions. Apps, software and other platforms that offer more accurate data on healthcare choices are expected to rise and a big chunk of the population is expected to patronize them.

  2. Concierge Medicine Will Be On the Rise - Also referred to as retainer medicine, membership medicine, cash- only practice, and direct care; concierge medicine is expected to become widely preferred in 2018 with more people wanting to ensure their health amidst unstable healthcare legislations. A direct relationship with a concierge physician provides patients with more personalized care—a better alternative to the traditional doctor- patient relationship. As well, this is also expected to result in more employment in the healthcare industry.

  3. Artificial Intelligence to Widen Role in Healthcare​ With the advancement in artificial intelligence or AI across different industries, the technology is expected to have a wider and more crucial role in healthcare. Population health and precision medicine are among the focus of today’s artificial intelligence efforts which will greatly impact the industry in terms of accuracy, speed, and effectiveness. There is so much room to grow in healthcare for technologies like AI, which have the biggest potential to redefine the terrain in various ways. This is also the reason why big industry players are investing in AI developments.

The US healthcare industry is growing, in spite and despite huge changes created by laws and regulations. Healthcare players are more focused on providing more care and fewer expenses for patients and that vision alone can revolutionize the industry in epic proportions that would impact, not only Americans but the global population. Hence, there is so much to watch out for with the possibility of a new unexpected trend to rise through the course of the year.

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