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Pilates is one of the hottest spaces for growth in the wellness arena and job postings are growing for certified instructors.

Accredited by the 

American Council

on Exercise*

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”


Pilates Studio

Love your job!

Turn your passion into your profession. Share your love with your community and make a difference in their lives. 

Pilates Instructor

Flexible Schedule

Book your own schedule. If the typical 9-to-5 schedule bores you, Pilates training offers creative scheduling options that can be built around the rest of your life.

Yoga Practice

Transform your clients body & mind

Pilates principles deliver measurable results. Your clients will improve their flexibility, strength and reduce stress, and enjoy long-lasting results.


Earn $40-125/hour

Pilates instructors make more money on average than a traditional personal trainer. Average salaries for Pilates trainers are $68.940 annually and in Illinois are $98.120. 


We are committed to helping dedicated and qualified individuals gain the knowledge and teaching skills they need to become excellent, sought-after Pilates Reformer instructors.

A great Pilates Reformer instructor possesses these qualities and skills:


  • Solid understanding of anatomy and movement kinesiology.

  • Ability to understand posture, alignment and biomechanics.

  • Ability to analyze movement and how to modify it accordingly.

  • Ability to inspire and motivate clients to reach their fitness goals

If you are looking to expand your current expertise in fitness or start a new career

this training is for you.

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Fitness Trainer

Anatomy and Physiology

Learn how to see the body 3-dimensionally to understand movement, biomechanics, and optimal performance.. 8 Hours

Pilates Practice at the Studio

Pilates Principles

Joseph Pilates practiced a revolutionary way of strengthening the body bringing attention to incorporating the spine and breath  as a way of movement. 2 Hours

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Movement Analysis

Movement is genetically inspired but experiences develop our daily patterns. As an instructor,, your responsibility is to see the entire movement of the body. 

Pilates Class on Reformers

Practical Exercise Development

Get hands-on practical experience in understanding how the face of the movement changes the relationship of the body to the Pilates reformer in gravity.

This Program is the Most Comprehensive Affordable Pilates Reformer Certification Ever

100 Hour Teacher Training Program 

Lectures and Video Content In-Person

  • Pilates History and Principles 

  • Anatomy, Movement & Biomechanic Principles 

  • Movement Analysis 

  • Movement Creation and Analysis

    • Reformer Supine 

    • Reformer Prone 

    • Reformer Standing 

    • Reformer Seated

    • Reformer with Props 

    • Reformer with Jump Board 

    • Complete four Pilates Reformer session outline workouts with group review in a group teaching session.

Written Exam ( 2 hours) online after workshop completion. 

Following the written exam, 75 Hours Student observation, assistant teaching and supervised-instructor hours with recording journals. - Up to 5 hours of Private instructor accountability sessions with mentorship program included.


Practical Hands On Instruction

Mentorship Program Included

One-on-One Accountability Session.


andrea blue side stretch headshot.jpg

Over 3 Decades of Expertise

About the Author: Andrea Metcalf

Andrea Metcalf has been teaching Pilates for over three decades. She is a best-selling author and nationally recognized television expert in the health and fitness world.  She has a unique knack for breaking down complicated information into easily understandable bite-sized pieces. 

"Teaching is my passion. I have always been an educator and want to help others change the world with movement. The Pilates approach to exercise is something that every "body" can benefit from."-Andrea Metcalf

Andrea has been helping clients and mentoring individuals in the fitness world to achieve success with their goals since the early 90's.

Pilates instructors make more on the average than Personal Trainers or Group Fitness instructors.

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