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Bike Safety

FOX Chicago TV - "Bike Safety" segment.

Eat This, Not That - Meez Meals

FOX Chicago TV - "Eat This, Not That" segment.

Five Minute Cardio Workout

Womensforum Chicago - Heart healthy month means a short blast of cardio can help reduce the risk of heart disease

Low Back Pain Stretches

Basic stretches with a pilates reformer or any low table or bench help alleviate low back pain by stretching the tips muscles of the hip flexors and lower back

More Ways to Walk

ACE Fitness - The benefits of walking outside in the city of Chicago

Womens Dream Conference

2nd Annual Women's Dream Conference 2015

Corporate Wellness Lunch Demo

Tips on how to make lunches healthier, save money and time

Heart Healthy Tips

Womensforum Chicago - Simple tips to help reduce heart disease

Is Your Back At Risk?

Fox TV Chicago shares 3 ways to check your alignment and how to fix it.

The Fit Fix

Womensforum Chicago - Feedback training

Adding Whole Grains to Your Diet



Taking it Off - Exercising with your dog in the city of Chicago

A Peak Inside the Life

Womensforum Chicago - About

Fitness Tips for Over a Decade

Andrea Metcalf Shares Fitness Tips for Over a Decade on Chicago Morning News

Rappelling Down the Wit Hotel in Chicago

Womensforum Chicago - Plunging down the 27-story Wit Hotel in Chicago to raise awareness to lung cancer.

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