Welcome spring. Get running.

Here are five things you need to know about getting your running program into gear. 1. Get great fit in footwear. Lightweight, wide toe box for foot movement and cushion are key. Forget heavy weight shoes. 2. Cotton is rotten. Cotton is great for comfort but once it gets wet ( with sweat) it can mean blisters. Invest in technical fabrics where it counts. 3. Cross train to stay out of pain.Running is great exercise, but remember that one movement direction can create overuse on the body. Think cycling and skating for other cardio moves. 4. Fuel & hydrate. This is fruit and veggie season so make sure you're getting yours and drink more water to keep muscles functioning their best. 5. Pace your

5 Tips To Improving Your Health This Year

One of the most important decisions you can make this year is to invest in your health. Your health tomorrow will be determined by the choices you make today. Healthy living not only improves the quality of life but also extends your lifespan as well. By making a few changes to your lifestyle, you can ensure that you will live that meaningful, healthy happy life. Let’s look at 5 tips to improving your health this year. Get Enough Sleep - Getting enough sleep is a key element to a healthy lifestyle. A regular good night sleep allows the body to repair and rejuvenate itself giving you a calm body and mind, fresh and ready for a new day. Sleep is also a natural medicine for stress. Getting eno

The top 5 hiking boots of 2018

Are you readying yourself for your next great hike and trail adventure? You’ve probably already packed your bags with all of the essentials, from your tent to sunscreen, and of course, the food that you will be eating. But don’t’ forget the most important gear you need: your hiking boots. Hiking boots are important to make sure that you are comfortable during the time you are hiking. And if you are not hiking for pleasure, but a competition or trying to break a record, your performance on the trail can be greatly affected by your choice of footwear. Since there are so many variants on the market, here’s a list of the best hiking boots for 2018. You’ll find the boots described in more detail

3 Reasons to Get in Shape with Muay Thai

Getting in shape is challenging for most people. It is usually what comes after losing weight. It requires a lot of courage, determination, and discipline to wake up every day and spend an hour or two in a gym running or lifting weights knowing full well it’s gonna hurt the day after. However, exercise will benefit you for the rest of your life. The Muay Thai training camp in Thailand is a great place to train and learn about how this will help you get in the best shape you’ll ever be. It has a fully-equipped gym and the place is surrounded by mountains so relaxation is going to be a breeze after an intensive day of training. Here are three reasons why you should get excited about Muay Thai.

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