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Welcome spring. Get running.

Here are five things you need to know about getting your running program into gear.

1. Get great fit in footwear. Lightweight, wide toe box for foot movement and cushion are key. Forget heavy weight shoes.

2. Cotton is rotten. Cotton is great for comfort but once it gets wet ( with sweat) it can mean blisters. Invest in technical fabrics where it counts.

3. Cross train to stay out of pain.Running is great exercise, but remember that one movement direction can create overuse on the body. Think cycling and skating for other cardio moves.

4. Fuel & hydrate. This is fruit and veggie season so make sure you're getting yours and drink more water to keep muscles functioning their best.

5. Pace yourself. If you don't have a training coach, find an app to help set your workouts and goals. STRAVA, AAPtiv are some of my favorites.

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