Holiday parties can bring on the pounds

It’s the season for comfort food. And we all know that too much comfort food can bring on uncomfortable weight-gain. It can happen easier than you think. In the 10 weeks leading up to the New Year, eating as few as 250 additional calories daily (that could be one cocktail!) can equate to five pounds of unwanted fat. If you consider the added stress of shopping and pushing aside your exercise routine for quality family time, the damage can be even greater. In spite of the odds, it’s still possible to keep the scale from ticking upwards. Follow this three-step plan to stay ahead of the eight ball when the New Year’s ball drops. 1.Just move. Many people believe that they should skip a workout i

Great Tips to manage your weight

Looking for the secret to losing weight. Here are some tips regarding weight management that should help you manage your weight more easily. Weigh yourself daily There's no better way to track your progress in weight management than tracking your weight daily. Sure, the differences won't be big. On the contrary, the ounces that you lose are barely noticeable. However, once you start stringing a couple of days, you'll start noticing the difference. Track your progress daily but compare your weight once every 7 days or, in other words, once a week. This difference will be much more visible, and you'll feel motivated to continue! Eat your breakfast One of the most common mistakes that pe

What you should be adding into your smoothie

Thinking of eating a little healthier can be as easy as blending up your favorite fruits and vegetables. Smoothies offer lower calories and higher fiber than juicing which can be 600-900 calories per serving. Here's a few popular fruits and vegetables to add to your next smoothie. Fruits Acai Berry Acai Berry has antioxidants in them to help you lose weight and keep it off Bananas - Bananas are a rich source of fructooligosaccharide, a compound that nourishes probiotic (friendly) bacteria in the colon. Blackberries- Blackberries feature ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant which has been proven to shield our skin from harm by ultraviolet. Blueberries - Blueberries slow down the natural agin

3 Quick healthy lunch ideas

Making a healthy lunch can be easy. Try one of these simple recipes for a fast, healthy, easy-to-make lunch ideas. South of the Border Wrap. Ingredients: 1⁄2 cup black beans 4 oz chicken breast 2 oz jack cheese 1/2 cup red peppers 1 Tbsp vinaigrette Mission Foods Carb Balance Tortilla (21g fiber) Open up tortilla and layer ingredients inside. Roll up and serve. Popeye's Salad Star Ingredients: 2 cups spinach 1⁄2 cup string beans 1/4 cup each chopped peppers, onions, carrots, beets, red cabbage 1 Tbsp balsamic dressing 2 oz crumbled bleu cheese Layer all ingredients into bowl and top with Balsamic dressing. Tuna Fast Ingredients: 6 oz package drained Tuna 1/2 cup red peppers 2 tablespoons bar

Paleo, ketogenic and now FODMAP diets

More than 80 million Americans are afflicted with digestive sensitivities. What are digestive sensitivities? Digestive sensitivities include stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and visible abdominal distention after eating. FODMAP foods are those saccharides and polyols are short-chain carbohydrates that, if poorly digested, ferment in the lower part of your large intestine (bowel). This fermentation process draws in water and produces carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and/or methane gas that causes the intestine to stretch and expand. The result is strong pain, bloating, visible abdominal distention and other related symptoms. These foods include milk and dairy products, wheat, onions, garlic

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