5 Ways to Have Your Dessert

Indulging in sweet treats almost seems like stress therapy. I don't eat dessert every night but a few times a week, I feel like a little something extra. It may be that I am celebrating something or sometimes to cheer me up. Although it isn't a great thing to have your emotions tied into food or to use food as a reward... well it sometimes just happens. For those days, here are a few ideas to lighten the calorie load on eating desserts. Tips having your cake and eating it too! 1. Use vanilla yogurt instead of whipped cream on pies & cobblers. By the way fruit pies are healthier than cream pies. 2. Try fruit with goat cheese- I like the honey goat cheese with peaches or sliced apples. 3. Bake

Children and Cell Phones: Weighing the Risks and Benefits

Cell phones play a very important role in our society in the modern day. They help us to communicate, to entertain ourselves, to work, to do research and potentially do dozens of other things. Billions of people all over the world have a mobile phone for one reason or another. In addition to most adults having a cell phone, more and more children are beginning to have cell phones. But is this a good idea? What are some of the pros and cons of children having cell phones or smartphones? Well, that is exactly what this article is going to take a closer look at. Without any further ado, let’s go over some of the risks and benefits of allowing your children to have cell phones. Risk: Potential H

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