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5 Ways to Have Your Dessert

Indulging in sweet treats almost seems like stress therapy. I don't eat dessert every night but a few times a week, I feel like a little something extra. It may be that I am celebrating something or sometimes to cheer me up. Although it isn't a great thing to have your emotions tied into food or to use food as a reward... well it sometimes just happens. For those days, here are a few ideas to lighten the calorie load on eating desserts.

Tips having your cake and eating it too!

1. Use vanilla yogurt instead of whipped cream on pies & cobblers. By the way fruit pies are healthier than cream pies.

2. Try fruit with goat cheese- I like the honey goat cheese with peaches or sliced apples.

3. Bake or poach fruit in sweet wine or juice rather than a topping with sugary crust. Meaning eat the fruit by itself!

4. Opt for fruit or coconut sorbet instead of ice cream.

5. Eat the dessert in a smaller portion. It helps when you serve it in a ramkin or on small plates.

Bon appetit!


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