Lower body workout: Plie slides

Lunges and squats are the foundation of many lower body workouts, but many Pilates moves can be effective as well. Plie slides help almost all of the lower body muscles for a more balanced movement than lunges or squats. Plie Slides This standing move is a basic for Pilates but adding a sliding disc or paper plate can better target the thigh muscles. Start standing with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, toes pointing out and keeping the foot under the knee. One foot should be on a stable surface and the other on the sliding disc or paper plate. Slide the foot out to the side and lower the body and then pause. Breathe in and the as you exhale, slide feet back to starting position and

Divorced women more likely to have a heart attack.

A new study released from Duke Medical Centre showed that women who divorce multiple times were twice as likely to suffer a heart attack than their married counterparts. Even a single divorce showed an increased risk comparatively. This study looked at the cumulative effects of divorce over a long period and one of the first of its kind. The findings were based on responses of more than 15,000 people aged 45 to 80 who had been married at least once. "Divorce is a major stressor, and we have long known that people who are divorced suffer more health consequences," said Matthew Dupre, associate professor of medicine at Duke University Medical Centre and the study's lead author. Here are a

Being happy starts with you

Instead of fighting the changes that often come in mid-life—a few extra pounds, personality lines, and reading glasses (menus are written in 4-point font!)–I’ve chosen to embrace these nuances. Of course, it takes some adjustments. Harder to lose weight as you age. At one point, I could lose five or ten pounds with a week’s worth of discipline. Now that I’m older, it’s much harder to create that calorie deficit, even when I up the ante of my exercise and watch every bite I take. It’s par for the menopausal course. Still, I don’t plan on rolling over and giving up. That’s one of the advantages of getting older—stubbornness. I’m smart about my workouts and food choices, these days, and I’m hon

Barre training moves for home

Barre classes continue to grow in popularity for group fitness. They are similar to Pilates and Yoga being they are high-intensity with low impact on the body and a favorite of women over 40. At Hang 5 Fitness in Chicago, they offer a combination class with barre moves alternated with surf balancing moves to get more core training alongside the posture and leg work done in traditional barre classes. But if you can't make it to class, try a few of these moves at home with a solid chair or barstool. Leg Swings Front - Standing one hand on the chair swing your leg front to back opening the front of the thigh and hamstring. This is a great exercise for anyone who is a runner, sits many hours in

Daily Habits for a Flatter Belly

I received compensation from Bayer Consumer Health, makers of Phillips’® Colon Health® to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own. It seems that every decade, women (and men) put on about ten pounds after their twenties—and their waistlines expand along with it. At one point, magazine headlines talked about the “menopot,” referring to the common belly bulge as women entered into menopausal years. But although there is some truth to the increase in abdominal fat as we lose estrogen in the aging process, many people forget the simple things they can practice daily to decrease their waistlines and belly bloat. Over the last twenty years, I have worked with hundreds of women in their f

5 Ways to change your health

Small changes can result in big results. This is a motto I have helped people believe in and see the real possibilities by making a few small adjustments to their daily routines. Healthier people have healthier sex lives, live longer and tend to happier. Here are five simple things you can do to be healthier this week. Five Simple Steps: Wake to Water. Starting tomorrow, drink one large glass of water within ten minutes of waking up. Hydration is key to metabolism, glowing skin and a well functioning brain. The amount of good that happens from this simple zero calorie addition to your daily routine is amazing. Mirror, Mirror. Positive mantras help change the brain waves as well as change the

5 Mistakes women make in the gym

If it seems you are not seeing the results you want after spending hours in the gym, maybe it's what you are doing there that you should be thinking about. Here are 5 mistakes that women make in the gym. 1. No heavy lifting. Although many women understand the benefits of strength training, still we hear women worrying about bulking up and avoiding the dumbbells. Weight training, especially for women over 40, can help transform your body and increase lean muscle mass. Think about lifting heavy enough weights or performing enough repetitions to feel your muscles fatigue. When you are muscles get tired, they are sure to get stronger. 2. Holding on. There are hand rails on every cardio piece

How to increase flexibility

If you can't bend over and reach your toes, you may feel you lack flexibility. But stretching alone will not help you improve your flexibility. You need to stretch and strengthen the muscles that are tight to become more flexible. So what is flexibility? Flexibility is the range of motion around a joint: a knee, a shoulder, a hip, a neck. This range of motion is determined by the strength of the muscles surrounding the joint. You can increase your flexibility in three ways: Stretching Strengthening Circulating (increasing the blood flow in your muscles). Stretching In stretching, we use movement to increase the length of a muscle surrounding a joint. There are two types of stretching: dynami

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