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Surf Yoga Keeps your attention & core working

Surfset boards offer a feeling of being on a surf board on the water. For many people, Paddle Yoga and Stand Up paddle can be challenging. But if you start with a little yoga on a Surfset board first, you'll find the time you spend on top of the SUP board is more than the time you'll spend in the water.

Hang 5 Fitness boards are similar to paddle boards SUP

Surf Yoga is the perfect way to slowly acclimate your body to a Surfset class. The slower moves allow the user to connect more with their own breath and body control. Although for many, a typical yoga class can leave your mind wandering, Surf yoga keeps your attention throughout each minute.

Step on board to get a feel for the surfset boards and then sign up for a Surf Yoga class. You'll find a new way to practice your Om. Unlimited week introductions for only $25.

Surf yoga warrior 3


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