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Being happy starts with you

Instead of fighting the changes that often come in mid-life—a few extra pounds, personality lines, and reading glasses (menus are written in 4-point font!)–I’ve chosen to embrace these nuances. Of course, it takes some adjustments.

Harder to lose weight as you age.

At one point, I could lose five or ten pounds with a week’s worth of discipline. Now that I’m older, it’s much harder to create that calorie deficit, even when I up the ante of my exercise and watch every bite I take. It’s par for the menopausal course. Still, I don’t plan on rolling over and giving up. That’s one of the advantages of getting older—stubbornness.

I’m smart about my workouts and food choices, these days, and I’m honest about what I want. I know that I’m no longer willing to spend up to two hours exercising everyday. What I am willing to do, however, is take walks, lift weights, and teach a few fitness classes each week. Sure, I have a curvier shape than the 17 percent body fat I sported in my 20’s and 30’s, but most people think I still look fit. And I’d agree.

Why should I obsess about the number on the scale, when I could just be confident and happy where I am? The most important thing, I realize, is to live a healthy lifestyle. If you’re doing that right, then where you are can be a wonderful place.

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