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No fear fitness starts here

people want to get started on an exercise program but aren't sure where to begin. A large gym with many pieces of equipment and class titles that talk about blasting calories may be intimidating so where can you begin?

"When you're having fun, it doesn't feel like a workout. "

Hang 5 Fitness offers two classes that are great for beginners ( and even the best athletes) a place to start. Surf Yoga and Surf Pilates are done primarily on the surf balance boards and challenge your balance. They are a great first class. Plus, the surfboards are fun and create a sense of adventure. You may not realize you're working out because you're enjoying the moment.

The moves in these classes are basic but challenging with the gentle wobble of the board. Each rock or wave that you feel on the board helps engage your core muscles. But better yet, the workouts move at a slower pace that you'll be able to practice the moves and get in a good workout. Most people that take the class are new to it because Hang 5 Fitness is the first studio of it's kind in Chicago, that is dedicated to bringing the California way of life to the midwest.

Surfset classes at Hang 5 Fitness are designed to challenge your body with fun, safe exercises. Hang 5 Fitness is located in Lincoln Park's StudiosFUSE on 2215 N Halsted. Hang 5 Fitness offers Surf Yoga, Surf Pilates, Surf Bootcamp, and Yoga Flow, Yoga Sculpt, and Pop Star Fitness classes. Whether you come to stretch, dance or surf, you'll love the facility lounge, showers, locker rooms and juice bar before or after classes.


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