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Daily Habits for a Flatter Belly

I received compensation from Bayer Consumer Health, makers of Phillips’® Colon Health® to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own.

It seems that every decade, women (and men) put on about ten pounds after their twenties—and their waistlines expand along with it. At one point, magazine headlines talked about the “menopot,” referring to the common belly bulge as women entered into menopausal years. But although there is some truth to the increase in abdominal fat as we lose estrogen in the aging process, many people forget the simple things they can practice daily to decrease their waistlines and belly bloat.

Over the last twenty years, I have worked with hundreds of women in their forties and older. I have found some simple solutions to helping them have a flatter belly and happier life. Confidence comes with a healthier lifestyle and figure.

5 Daily Habits of Women with More Confidence (and a Flat Belly)

1. Take the long way home. As we age, the need for movement is more important than in our twenties and thirties. Human growth hormone decreases and our lean muscle mass does too. The saying is true “move it, or lose it.” But many people have the perception that they have to exercise to the extreme dripping with sweat and muscle soreness from each session at the gym to have a toned, lean body. The reality is that dynamic stretch and body weight training can produce the same great results and you don’t have to go to the gym. Simply taking the long way home walking when possible and daily strength and stretch routines can produce the same results. (Check out the 10 exercises you can’t live without)

2. Get insured now. Insurance is something we all can’t live without but many of us skip the nutrient insurance our body’s need. If you’re not eating 9-11 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, you’re missing out on many vitamins and minerals that support your well-being. Taking supplements is a great daily habit but don’t limit it too just a multivitamin.Think about taking a probiotic as well. Phillips’® Colon Health® daily probiotic can help replenish the good bacteria in your colon to support overall digestive health and immune health. Check with your doctor for more information on what you body may be lacking and don’t forget to take your supplements daily with food. Taking supplements with food can help with the absorption.

3. Buddy up and be happy. Research shows that those who workout with a buddy are more likely to stick an exercise program. More importantly, people are happier when they workout together making them more likely to reach their goals. University of Michigan researchers looked at 23 previously-published studies all of which found a clear beneficial relationship between exercise and happiness.

4. Thousands of people have lived without love, no one can live without water. Water is key to a flatter belly because it helps keep your metabolism boosted. Being hydrated helps increase your energy and brain function, as well as helps to prevent constipation that can cause belly bloating and abdominal pressure. Water is the perfect drink with zero calories and can be easily flavored with fruit or mint to enhance the flavor and likelihood of drinking more water.

5. Wrap up your core. Many people believe to reach the ultimate six-pack takes a low-fat, low-carb diet and lots of crunches. In reality, the best way to flatten your belly is to engage the core at every angle. Think crossover crunches, medicine ball chops, and planks to hit not only the center abdominals but the wrap around obliques and transverse abdominals too. These muscles together and are primarily endurance muscles so longer reps and multiple angles are key to training.

10 Exercises for A Flatter Belly

1. Crunch

2. Crossover Crunch

3. Plank rotations

4. Plank hip rocks

5. Reverse Crunch

6. Split drops

7. Side knee drops

8. Knee drops

9. Long body twists

10. Kneeling chops

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