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3 Reasons to Get in Shape with Muay Thai

Getting in shape is challenging for most people. It is usually what comes after losing weight. It requires a lot of courage, determination, and discipline to wake up every day and spend an hour or two in a gym running or lifting weights knowing full well it’s gonna hurt the day after. However, exercise will benefit you for the rest of your life. The Muay Thai training camp in Thailand is a great place to train and learn about how this will help you get in the best shape you’ll ever be. It has a fully-equipped gym and the place is surrounded by mountains so relaxation is going to be a breeze after an intensive day of training. Here are three reasons why you should get excited about Muay Thai. 1. Muay Thai is an Ultimate Mind and Body Workout An effective way to get in shape is to have a workout that involves your entire body. Muay Thai is a form of martial art that combines arm, waist and leg exercise and really boosts your muscle and core strengths. When you execute a punch, you draw power from your fists and elbow. The constant movement and running around will surely develop your cardiovascular conditioning. Just like running on a treadmill or cycling intensely, Muay Thai keeps your heart pumping, improves your metabolism and makes you burn more fat. Muay Thai also strengthens your immune system by heightening the detoxification process and improving your body’s ability to heal faster and even block certain diseases. Muay Thai also heightens your awareness, alertness and overall focus. During training, you are introduced to certain movements that will cause you pain if you don’t react quickly. You will develop a higher endurance to pain. It’s an important skill to learn and your mind will have constant practice. It is also a great way to relieve stress that will combat any weakening of immune system, fatigue, and depression. It increases your energy level to enjoy the things that you love. 2. It Helps You Achieve a Toned Physique Don’t be surprised to see your stomach tightens after a month of intensive Muay Thai training. Muay Thai does not only help you burn fat and lose weight. It also builds your muscles to develop a more balanced and toned physique. Because it’s an all-around body workout, you will see a more uniform change in your body and not just your arms and belly. You can achieve a lean and trim body as if you’ve been an athlete all your life. 3. It Increases Your Core Strength Muay Thai helps you generate a lot of power when you execute strikes. The more you throw punches and kicks, the more engaged your core muscles will be. Through time, this will give you a stronger core which will stabilize and protect your spine. So, you can see Muay Thai does not only improves your outer appearance but also increases the strength of your abdominal muscles, glute complex and hip flexors. Soon, you will notice a lot of difference when it comes to your ability to lift heavy objects, endure a strenuous hike and even succeed in rock climbing.

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