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5 Tips and Tricks to Having Less Lower Back Pain

5 Tips and Tricks to Having Less Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can reduce your productivity. Although we are all vulnerable to this kind of pain, there are things that can be done to reduce the magnitude of pain. The key to remedying lower back pain lies in knowing what causes it in the first place. More often, pain in the lower back is caused by stretching muscles and ligaments that are adjacent to the spine. You don’t even need to take any medicine when suffering from back pain. A few activities here and there are enough to get you going without the pain. Below are tricks that you can use to prevent lower back pain.

1. Massage

When you experience lower back pain, you should have someone massage you with an ointment cream. You should never try to massage yourself because your hands can’t reach the back. In fact, you should go to the nearest massage parlor. The advantage of massage is that it helps in relaxing the affected muscles and ligaments. When the muscles are soothed, you will feel less pain. You can get more lower back pain remedies at

2. Use an Ergonomic Chair at Work

You can keep lower back pain at bay by using an ergonomic chair. Most people don’t believe that back pain can be induced by sitting in wrong posture. When you bend forward too much towards your office desk, you tend to strain your back. If you continue to overstretch over a long period of time, you will eventually start feeling pain in your lower back. An ergonomic chair is highly recommended because it features an adjustable height and armrests. You can also bend the back of the seat further to allow you to lean back stress free without stiffening your back.

3. Work Out in the Gym

Exercising at least thirty minutes everyday can contribute to a healthy lower back. When you train in the gym, the weights that you lift cause your muscles and ligaments to be more tolerant to straining. And maybe that’s why those who workout more often rarely suffer from back pain. However, you should be careful not to tear your muscles by adding more weights at once. It’s actually recommended you add weights gradually to give your body time to adjust. You don’t have to limit yourself to just lifting weights because there are so many activities you can engage in to keep your body in good shape. You can opt to jog outdoors or on the treadmill.

4. Take Lots of Calcium

If you suffer from lower back pain more often, your bones might be weak. Your bones need adequate supply of calcium to help them cope with vigorous straining. It’s therefore advisable you indulge in foods that are rich in calcium spinach, milk and bone soup.

5. Use Soft Pillows

You can have less lower back pain by using soft pillows when sleeping. It’s also advisable that you sleep on a sturdy mattress to make sure your spine remains aligned with the rest of your body. A mattress that’s soft causes your spine to be suspended below the rest of the body when you are lying on the bed. If the pain persists, you should try sleeping on your stomach until you heal completely.

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