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It's just water. . . or do you need something more.

How do you know if you're drinking enough water? Many people argue over the 8 glasses a day for optimal hydration but really the only way to know if you're clearly hydrated is to have clear urine each day which many of us haven't seen in days. The truth is that if you're thirsty, you're in a state of dehydration which means that thirst is not a good indicator.

But if you stay hydrated, a few amazing things can happen. You'll have more energy and be less fatigued. It helps with weight loss since it can replace calorie laden beverages and will help flush out toxins. With this in mind, everyone can see that healthy skin comes from a healthy diet and being well-hydrated. What you may not realize is that being hydrated helps in maintaining regularity, boosting your immune system, can help prevent cramps and sprains can also relieve headaches.

Which water should you choose? With branded waters flooding the beverage aisles, how do you know which water to pick and it is better to pick distilled, purified or sparkling water over these tasty substitutes?

First off distilled water should be reserved for mechanical water needs where water is needed in the steaming process, while purified and tap water are fine for drinking. But specific waters with added flavorings are great gateway, zero-calorie options that hydrate the body just as well as tap but may be more palatable. Sparkling Ice, Hello Water and BodyARMOR sports waters are new to the market place but taste great and promise a bit more than your tap water can provide.

Sparkling ICE comes in a variety of flavors with zero calories. You may drink more because you like that taste and studies have shown that sparking waters can help with digestion better than flat waters.

Hello Waters offer 5 grams of fiber with each bottle. Drink 5 a day to help increase your fiber intake and still get all the benefits of regular waters.

BodyARMOR Sports water comes into the water place with a ph balanced, electrolyte minded drink for the sports athlete. When you work out you lose minerals in addition to water like potassium, sodium and magnesium which can effect performance.

Have a hard time tracking your water? Try these Apps to help you stay on top of hydrating your body better.

  • Water drink reminder

  • Water logged

  • Hydro tracker

  • Water coach

And if you need a water bottle that can remind you to drink water, check out the new Hidrate Spark which has connectivity with your activity trackers as well as GPS to make sure you adequately hydrated based on how many steps you take or what altitude you're in.

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