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5 Star Second act to follow

With the winds of change bringing a new landscape of color, a fresh start on the second half of the year is at hand. Falling back into a new fitness program can bring rearview mirror vision on how to make this “Second Act” a successful finish to your new year resolutions. It’s time to change your program and make it to a strong finish for the year.

With your goals still to be met, it’s time to reflect, regroup, rejuvenate and rewrite your fitness story for this year.

1. Reflect: Take time to look back at the past months and write down all the positive things you’ve done. Take notice of the workouts you’ve made possible and the happy feelings after you’ve finished them and bathe yourself in those moments. Those are the feelings you’ll want to carry forward to your Second Act this fall.

Next look at your pitfalls or where you’ve tripped up in your daily habits. What struggles did you have and how can you flip the switch to make your health light up this upcoming season?

2. Regroup: Now that you’ve looked back at the highs and lows, get that support team back together. Share your struggles and successes with a friend. There’s no stronger motivation than to have someone on your team calling you out when you don’t feel like working out. Find other ways to keep your cheerleaders rooting you on. Use FitStudio and other like minded communities to stay on track. A personal journal can be a helpful place to monitor your feelings about those accomplishments as you move forward.

3. Rejuvenate: This can mean trying something new... look what the wind can blow in! Change up your cardio or try some new strength moves. There are over 500 exercises to challenge your muscles on FitStudio or maybe it’s time to check out one of the amazing workouts. Share your feedback and resuscitate your body.

4. Rewrite: Maybe it’s time to write a new story about where you’re headed or become a bit more accepting of where you’re at. If you reflect, regroup, rejuvenate and rewrite your “healthier ever after” you may just live that fairytale life. The first step in loving your body is taking notice of its “amazingness” all by itself.

Make your Second Act even greater than your first!


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