Athlete training: Myofascial Tension

By now

if you're an athlete, a coach or trainer has opened the door to foam rolling. Foam rolling targets the myofascial covering of the muscles that have become thickened or callused from repetitive movement patterns. Many marathon hopefuls are sidelined each year due to IT band syndromes, plantar fasciitis, and other foot, knee, or hip injuries that could be prevented.

That said, foam rolling regimens are somewhat painful and disregarded by many athletes and trainers in the process. But understanding how this restriction on the muscle movement and muscle range of motion can be less painful and even fun.

The idea of adding vibration and heat to decrease pain has been adopted across the medical boards. Thus Hyperice foam rollers and spheres have added just that component of vibration and sometimes heat as with their newest back wrap.

If you're interested in learning how to add functional foam rolling exercises into your workout regimen and understand how to improve performance through flexibility training, this is a workshop not to miss.

PAIN CLINIC 101 - Hyperice Athlete Injury Prevention Workshop​

If you're an athlete or have experienced any overuse injury, you probably have heard of foam rolling for injury prevention and flexibility . Hyperice makes new amazing revolutionary recovery and injury prevention tools that will be used in this workshop. All participants receive an injury assessment worksheet and will learn techniques to help prevent injuries and new tec