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5 Creative Ways to Get Fit

Often, when people are asked why they don’t exercise, the answer is: there is no time. If you feel like working out is like another hapless chore, you can try to spice it up. After all, you need to burn your extra calories, and you should do it in the most interesting ways else you will think of many other excuses not to exercise. If you are one who drags himself to the gym, you can make workout spell fun. Here are five tips on how to stop being sluggish and find your way to getting your body fit.

1. Dancing

If you are getting too tired of the repetitive workout you do at the gym, you can try being more creative with your routines by dancing. Pole dancing, for example, is a full body exercise which requires strength, flexibility, and stamina. You gain strength in pole dancing as you lengthen and stretch your muscles during the process. This exercise not only makes you look good but feel good as well. You can also try Zumba, which is a fast-paced mix of dance and aerobics- type moves which can get your heart pumping and burn calories without feeling like you are exercising.

2. Biking

Biking is a great workout not only for your legs but also for the heart. It is ideal if you can go biking outdoors to enjoy the breeze and nature’s beauty but if you don’t have that luxury of space, do your workout with a recumbent bike. The good thing about recumbent bikes is that you can set the resistance level which is comfortable for you then just work your way up. You can also set the training session you want depending on the number of calories you aim to burn.

Having a bike at home also allows you to multi-task because you can exercise and do other things such as read a book or listen to music at the same time.

3. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing builds upper body strength and flexibility. Just like biking, rock climbing is better done outdoors, but if the location does not permit, you can always do indoor rock climbing, with the same health benefits. Grip and wrist strength are also developed by doing this workout.

4. Badminton

Playing badminton is also a full-body workout with the stretching, twisting and pivoting that your body makes. Moving about the court makes badminton a great cardio and lower body workout and using the racquet makes a good upper-body exercise. Also, it is a quick and entertaining game which can fit all ages.

5. Rollerblading or Ice Skating

Either of these two is a great workout for toning the legs as well as the core. The health benefits you can get from rollerblading or ice skating are -and fat-burning which is the same thing you get when you jog.

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is not limited to going to the gym and doing the usual exercise routines. Now that you know that there are alternative ways and activities that you can do to keep yourself fit while having fun at the same time, you will not be dragging your feet when you hear the word exercise. Enjoy your way to fitness!

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