Suit Up: How What You Wear Impacts Your Workout

workout clothes

Aside from helping you look the part, there are a number of reasons why we wear certain clothes at the gym. From tanks and tights to headbands and trainers, workout gear has become a must-have for any type of sport. Think about it: Would you feel like running, cycling or swimming in your button-down shirt and jeans? Probably not.

But the effects that workout clothing has on our body and mind go far beyond the way they look. In this post, we’ll show you how what you wear impacts your workout and help you decide what you should be wearing the next time you hit the gym.

Motivation Boost

According to recent studies, professional sports teams that wear black or red are more aggressive than those wearing other colors. The sporty designs of modern fitness clothing give athletes a psychological edge over their opponents. This mental boost is known as “enclothed cognition.”

Think of it as a character putting on a costume - you become the type of person who would wear that type of clothing. As a result, you feel more mentally prepared for the task, allowing you to perform better. Your inclination to perform is increased and you feel more motivated, energized, and focused.

Performance Improvement

Depending on your sport of choice, you probably know that there are certain pieces of clothing that are absolutely essential for your performance. Cyclists can’t go without their shorts and runners can’t go without a solid pair of trainers in the same way hikers can’t go without well-cushioned boots. Take the sauna vest, for example.

It not only provides a comfortable fit but will also absorb sweat while increasing your body temperature, helping you achieve results faster. The high level of compression will reduce the appearance of love handles and bellies, while the unique design provides abdominal and lower back support. Clearly, it’s superior to a normal vest for the gym.