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Double Knee Replacement Journal- Day 1

At age 53, I finally decided after recovering from 2 herniated discs and one ruptured disc this past year, that I would make an appointment to get my knees checked out. I felt pain in my knees for years and visibly my right knee was bowing out to the side. I had 3 prior knee surgeries, first at age 15, age 19 and then age 30. Surgeries included meniscus tears and ACL reconstruction, and doctors telling me by age 50 I would need both knees replaced.

In my mind, I thought, I practice good judgement and have continued with regular exercise my entire life, that all I might need is a little more cushion. I met with Dr. Bowen, specializing in non-surgical knee pain to see what options I would have. Sadly the x-rays displayed a bone on bone picture. I cried in his office, when he said there is really nothing I can do at this point. I felt embarrassed, shame, and sadness for what the reality of the situation would be. Double knee replacement surgery was clearly now in my future.

needing knee replacement surgery

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