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Do you have a weak link?

Hang 5 Fitness 6 week challenge

One weak link in the chain can break it when you apply tension.

Our Barre Pilates classes help you tone, sculpt and build a better muscular chain to help you feel stronger and be your best. We don’t bark orders at you during class. We guide you to focusing on posture, proper alignment and balance.

I want to personally invite you to the 6-Week Challenge at Hang 5 Fitness. It takes dedication and time to make changes in your body...but it feels so good when they happen. Our new 6-Week Challenge program starts in February and for $99 you can enjoy 6 weeks of unlimited classes AND when you complete 30 classes, you can CELEBRATE with a private party for up to 12 of your friends.

We guarantee you’ll feel stronger in just 2 weeks

and see changes in your body in 6 weeks.

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