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Why you should be training with us

When I first opened Hang 5 Fitness at StudiosFUSE, I knew the surfboards were unique and could offer a better way of training the body using feedback to balance the muscles. What I found out over the year's time is that so many of you want to get on that SURF board to see what it feels like, but aren't really sure how it fits into your normal workout routine.

So if you don't come back, that's terrible!

I've been training and coaching people over the last 35 years and our current program offerings can be all you need to be strong, move with ease, and be your best at any activity. Here's five reasons you should be coming to classes at Hang 5 Fitness.

  1. THE SURFBOARDS. Your body needs feedback to balance out muscles groups. You're naturally stronger on one side of the body than the other.. otherwise you would write with your left and right hands alternating. When training on a flat surface (running, walking, pushups, etc) your strong side can get stronger and stronger until and create a weak link. Training on the surfboards helps keep balance in all these movements. SURF and BARRE-PILATES classes use the surfboards!

  2. STRENGTHENING THE CORE MUSCLES... EVEN THE ONES YOU CAN'T FEEL. If you have ever felt sore legs after a workout, you know that you worked them to overload and will start getting stronger. The core muscles don't work in completely the same fashion. Core muscles are layers of muscles that surround the entire spine: rectuc abdominus, transverse, internal and exterrnal obliques, thoracolumbar fasica, errector spinae, and a few more. These muscles are ENDURANCE muscles. They need constant contraction to get stronger. We hit these muscles in multiple directions in our BARRE-PILATES classes and much of the time in SURF.

  3. JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT SWEATING DOESN'T MEAN YOU WON'T SEE CHANGES. The thought that you have to be dripping in sweat for an effective workout is nonsense. You don't sweat in a pool but swimming is a great workout. In our BARRE-PILATES classes you will be reminded the next day that you came to class, but you won't be dripping with sweat. We push you through low level cardio movements which will still get you into your training zone for heart benefit. You only need to be at 65% of HR max which for many is 140+. You will achieve that heart-rate with the large muscle groups we target while at the barre and on the board.

  4. THINKING STRETCHING IS GOING TO LENGTHEN YOUR MUSCLES. It doesn't matter how much you stretch. If you don't improve the strength of the "tight" muscle then you will never see changes in your range of motion or flexibility. We focus on balancing strength patterns in our YOGA and BARRE-PILATES classes so you naturally become more flexible - which means you'll move easier.

  5. WE THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Using your mind with conscious movement happens in all our classes. Somewhat due to the nature of being on a rocking surfboard but also because we ask you to be present. We breathe at the start of all classes to keep you living in the moment. Taking these lessons outside to your daily life can really have a big impact on how you look, live and feel.

Andrea Metcalf is a best-selling author, nationally recognized fitness expert, and founder of Hang 5 Fitness and Studios FUSE. Voted runner up Trainer of the Year in 2008 IDEA, contributor to, NBC Today Show, CNN and many other nationally trusted media outlets, Andrea shares her passion for helping people look, live and feel their best.

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