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Why should you detox your body?

Detox your mind body and contact list.

There are many times in your life that you need a little cleansing. You brush your teeth each morning and night, you shower each day after a workout, why shouldn't you clean up your insides, your headspace and yes! - even your email inbox.

Clean up from the inside.

With exposure to toxins, poor diet, stress and infections, your body needs extra support for to create healthy pathways. Food is medicine. Eating the right foods more often can provide for a regular cleansing process. It enable the liver, kidneys and GI track to work optimally.

Here are 3 ways to cleanse your body from the inside:

1. Cleansing Foods. Tune into FOX News, Feb 26th, 12:45pm to learn 4 great bowls to detox your body. Key detoxifying foods include Brussel sprouts, leafy greens, beets, and avocado. Check out the TV segment or head to my blog for the recipes.

2. Water. Water is probably the best way to cleanse your kidneys and help your body perform it's best. Although, one can argue that there is a difference in water, even drinking tap water is good for you. Which water is best? Check this out.

3. Liquid Juice Cleanses. If you find it difficult to eat the right foods or drink more water, than investing in a juice cleanse may be the right thing for you. Check out what Joe Wehrli, founder of Herb-N-Juice shares about juice cleanses. click here.

Clean up your head space.

Those sun salutations are good for more than just being more flexible. They may give you a sunny mindset as well. New research published in The Journal of Psychiatric Practice suggests that yoga could help people manage bipolar disorder. The survey asked a group of more than 100 people with the mental disorder, who also practice yoga, to rank how the practice affects their lives. Many deemed it beneficial to mental health, and one in five called yoga "life-changing." While it's important to emphasize that this was a self-reported survey, it's possible that the sense of Zen yogis tout could do a lot of good for those living with bipolar disorder.

Clean up your inbox

One of my favorite ways to clean up my inbox is using an app called "UNROLL.ME". Check it out to declutter and unsubscribe from unwanted emails. But with data privacy these days, is it safe? Check out what tech experts are saying. Hopefully this is one subscription you'll keep

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