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Focus on form: Single leg touch down

Exercise: Single leg touch down

Focus: Hamstrings, core and shoulders

Who should do this? Anyone who performs agility moves like in volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball, etc. This helps strengthen the lower back, core and shoulders by strengthening the inner thigh and hamstring muscles.

How to: Start with weights in hands at side standing tall. Lift right knee and slowly reach right leg back as you pivot from hips to reach down towards floor. This is similar to a single leg dead lift but you'll reach with weights towards the floor on the way. Keep back straight and chin lifted. Once you touch the floor, slowly raise the chest and bring hands towards shoulders and knee lifting towards starting position and then finish with hands overhead.

Perform: 12-15 reps on each side. Suggested beginners use 3-5# weights.

Challenge: Stand on a cushion or therapy pad to challenge balance.


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