Anti-aging Secrets: Celebrity Tips

Ten things that suck about getting older and how to fix them

If you’ve hit the “forty” or "fifty" mark in birthday years, you have heard the “Over the hill” lines and braced yourself for big changes. However, forty isn’t the real time that things start to depreciate. It seems that for many of us, we still have a few good years. Then one by one things start falling apart. But have no fear, even with midlife at your heals or if you’re in knee deep, here are ten things that suck about turning forty and simple “at-home” remedies to fix them.They are the anti aging secrets that celebrities share amongst themselves. But now you know the tips!

Midlife matters

  1. Font size scrutinize. Why is it that menu print or business cards have such small fonts? In your forties and fifties, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll have a hard time reading almost overnight. Solution: Get contacts. Stop with carrying and losing reading glasses. They now have 30 day sleep-able contacts. A simple solution to seeing clearly.

  2. Skinny lips sink ships. Younger faces spout pouty lips and big volume. As we age our lips tend to become thin and skinny. Which isn’t going to launch any new yacht to sea! But to combat skinny lips, injectables like Restayline can provide fullness or just line the outside of your lips with a shade darker than your skin tone and appear to have more volume.

  3. Hair scare. As we age our skin gets confused in many places and hairs that used to grow in controlled spaces have found themselves traveling down your ribcage under the arms and even down your inner thighs. Make sure you check for those strays and wax or shave regularly to avoid middle age hair scares when you least expect them... especially if you’re sporty that new boy short bikini.

  4. Chinny, chin, chin. Don’t let the Big Bad Wolf get to the hairs on your chin. More crazy things happening as you age, like coarse textured hairs on your chin. Keep a daily check in your magnifying morning face wash and tweeze when necessary. Nothing makes you more like granny than a stray hair on your chin.

  5. Crow’s feet fretting. Each wrinkle that embeds into your skin is a sign of wisdom. At least, that’s what they want us to believe. Although I’m sure I’ve earned each one, it’s still a good idea to moisturize and check with your dermatologist for the best skincare lines suited for your face. From Retin A and Glycolic gels, there are great products on the market to minimize fine lines and look more youthful instantly.

  6. Thigh wrinkles. The body’s largest organ, your skin, will show signs of aging on more than just your face. I first noticed it on my belly in down dog during a yoga class in Phoenix. The texture just wasn’t what it used to be and shortly thereafter I noticed it on my legs, back of hands and butt! But don’t fret, regular body scrubs and moisturizing daily can help firm and tone. Even rubbing coffee grounds on your body can stimula