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Day 2 #21DaysForGood - Adjustments

Day 2- I was great in the morning but it got challenging in the evening as I had a charity event to go to...

Try to go out to a cocktail party with celebrities and pro athletes without eating dinner, and you're already a bit dizzy. I admit I am adjusting to a 1200 calorie meal plan ( my choice ) and actually feeling hunger. So I am at this amazing event and then had one sip of champagne ( well a glass ) and I was already feeling the buzz. But what happens to the insides of your body when you go on a calorie restricted diet, is that it leaves your breath noticeable - and not in a good way.

My girlfriend walked in and immediately was feeding me mints. I told her how I was sticking to a 21 Day Program and she reminded me that when you don't eat regular meals, the stomach acids come up and your breath turns sour. Now be clear, that there was a dinner made for me, but my schedule didn't allow me to eat it before I left for the event.

As with any mindful eating, you have to be just that: mindful. In any case, I felt good that I stuck to it and then ate my dinner later at 9:30pm.

Highlights of the day included their elixir as well as the fruit and nut snack treat loved too. I did my morning yoga routine and walked a little throughout the day as well can't wait to see what's on the schedule for tomorrow. I think I did a good job of being at a charity event and drinking only one champagne and nine glasses of water! I'm trying to stay on track.

thank you Snap Kitchen for another day of yumminess! #21DaysForGood

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