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Dance and the world smiles

Dancing is a great way to blast calories and feel great about your body. We believe that music helps shape your world and there's an intoxicating rush of happiness when you're doing something you love. Hence, we have added some unique dance classes to help you find your best moves.

Pop Star Fitness Dance class- find your inner DIVA
Pop Star Dance Fitness - Find your inner DIVA

Check out our POP STAR FITNESS dance classes. If you like the "Fitness Marshall", you'll love our Pop Star Fitness classes. We offer a new twist on today's Pop Star's music with planned choreography to teach your hips, shoulders and smile. Daniel Hurst, one of the city's top choreographers' puts this class on the schedule early mornings at 6am and 9:30am and again at 5pm. Check schedule for full class times.

Low Impact High Sweat and Smiles
Kangoo Jumps Chicago Club

Kangoo Jumps Fitness Training is a fun and energetic workout. It's a safe mobile-rebound exercise that burns a great amount of calories. Dance routines that are choreographed with easy-to-follow moves while bouncing your way to a sweat-smiling workout. The program is comprised of an 55-minute cardiovascular workout combining pop-rhythmic music with state of the art dance moves and stationary jogging and jumping. Anyone KAN do Kangoo jumps classes. Bounce into class then bounce. Classes every evening except Friday weekdays and classes on Saturday at 9am and Sunday at noon.

Get your dance on Indian style
Bollywood Groove Cardio Dance

New in June is Bollywood Groove cardio classes are known for being both incredibly fun and extremely effective. These classes will make sure you groove and shake yourself fit. Seriously this is one of the best workouts ever; the hour flies by and you'll be sweaty mess within the first five minutes. The instructors are incredible and truly pump up the room. Great for anyone with or without dance experience. Check out their classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

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