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8 Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Feel More Inviting and Plush

A good night's rest is key to better health and longevity.

Are you looking to transform the look of your bedroom to a more luxurious look? Before purchasing pricey designer items, think more critically and strategically because you can spend a lot on furniture, and it is not a guaranteed sophisticated look. What is vital to give your bedroom a luxe look is thoughtful ideas and details. Below are tricks and ideas to help you design a luxurious bedroom for less.

  1. Pile on the pillows. When you look all over Pinterest and other sites online, you see images of drool-worthy bedrooms using many throw pillows on the bed. It is possible to achieve this look for your bedroom by using large throw pillows of similar inch sizes. Use standard sleeping pillows and three or four smaller throw pillows. When making your bed, the throw pillows should not take up more than a quarter of the bed length as a rule of the thumb to avoid an overstuffed look. Importantly, use a Cocoon mattress on your bed to make the final look pop and to sleep comfortably.

  2. Dress your walls in elegance. Unless you want to achieve a minimalist look, bare white walls in the bedroom feel stark. Try using wallpaper or a little paint to give your bedroom a warmer, more designed look. If your bedroom has pale elements going on in your window treatments, bed, and rug, you can opt for a contract and paint a rich gray color. The gray color is stylish and makes your decorative pieces have an impact, unlike if your walls were a shade of white.

  3. Add a stylish seat. Use your unused space near a window or in front of your bed to add an accent seat. If you have it from a practical standpoint, it will give you a place to temporarily place your books and clothing or sit and read a book. Use this styling trick that is common in boutique hotels. From an aesthetic perspective, it offers an opportunity to bring a notable design element to your bedroom.

  4. Choose nightstands with bling. Nightstands are essential pieces of bedroom furniture. Unfortunately, many are utilitarian in terms of style. So, to give your bedroom that luxe treatment, declutter your nightstand by removing your possessions, excess paperwork and leave a book, lighting, and flower vase. Swap this nightstand with one with a luxury feel and finish to it. Choose one with reflective hardware such as brass or crystal.

  5. Frame your bed with mirrors. Try the designer trick and frame your bed with mirrors to add some glamour to your space. Place a mirror on a wall above each nightstand, behind a pendant light or a lamp. In this way, you add a glitzy style to the wall area near your bed and create depth for your room, making it ideal for small spaces. Choose mirrors with unique detail, such as an unusual shape or a gilded finish. The extra design element adds a high style to your room.

  6. Choose a stand out headboard. To increase the glam factor in your bedroom, add a headboard that stands out. It does not need to be expensive to be beautiful, but it should have a notable feature such as a unique shape, bold color, elegant fabric such as velvet or linen, or impressive height. Go through various types of headboards online and choose one that suits you and stands out in making your bedroom more inviting.

  7. Add glamorous lighting . You can add glamorous lighting in various ways. It can be a ceiling fixture, statement lighting, pendants, or table lamps, to help boost the luxury factor. Choose lighting with a shiny finish, perhaps, crystals, gold, or glass. Selecting one with an unusual or large shape makes the room look more upscale.

  8. Throw on a plush blanket. In most luxurious bedrooms, there is a feature of a soft throw blanket. For this blanket, invest in a material that looks expensive and gives a fresh and luxe look even to the plainest bed. Also, choose one that matches your bedroom theme colors or a bold color that stands out in your room.


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