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60 Ways to walk yourself healthy

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Whether you walk 10 minutes before each meal or 30 minutes in one setting, walking is important for heart health and weight maintenance. Here are 60 creative twists that’ll keep your stride fun and fresh. Strap on your walking shoes; you’re in for a treat!

1. Walk flirty, wearing a pair of shiny, red heels. 2. Walk with your dog. 3. Walk holding hands with your kids or mate. 4. Walk during a business conference call. 5. Walk with a spiritual mind-set. 6. Walk with one eye closed. 7. Walk barefoot. 8. Walk in a park, and admire nature. 9. Walk and send texts. 10. Walk with a pedometer. 11. Walk and take pictures. 12. Walk wearing a weighted vest. 13. Walk holding light hand weights. 14. Walk and bounce a basketball. 15. Walk and throw a baseball from one hand to the other. 16. Walk pushing a stroller. 17. Walk pulling a wagon. 18. Walk balancing a book on your head. 19. Walk while carrying your child on your shoulders. 20. Walk wearing a heart rate monitor. 21. Walk with walking sticks and burn up to 30 percent more calories. 22. Walk wearing hiking boots. 23. Walk wearing toning shoes. 24. Walk wearing shaper flip flops. 25. Walk wearing compression clothes. 26. Walk on a treadmill. 27. Walk on an incline trainer. 28. “Walk” on pogo sticks. 29. “Walk” on a trampoline. 30. Walk backwards. 31. Walk sideways in a grapevine pattern. 32. Walk with a gallop. 33. Walk uphill. 34. Walk downhill. 35. Walk upstairs. 36. Walk downstairs. 37. Walk with alternating lunges. 38. Walk in a figure eight pattern. 39. Walk on your toes, like a ballerina. 40. Walk on your heels. 41. Walk while throwing punches in the air. 42. Walk holding your arms overhead. 43. Walk twisting side to side to work your waist. 44. Walk, like an Egyptian. 45. Walk with high knees. 46. Walk, like a solider, kicking your legs straight into the air. 47. Walk on your hands! 48. “Walk” doing a bear crawl. 49. Walk, like a crab, belly facing up. 50. Walk, like a frog, and jump your feet toward your hands. 51. “Walk” doing cartwheels. 52. Walk like a monkey, dragging your hands by your ankles. 53. Walk, like a racewalker. 54. Walk and sing. 55. Walk and wave, like Miss America. 56. Walk and smile at people you pass. 57. Walk and swing your arms in circles. 58. Walk and think of a good childhood memory. 59. Walk in the buff. 60. Walk dreaming of ways to walk tomorrow.

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