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© 2015 by Andrea Metcalf

Great Tips to manage your weight

Looking for the secret to losing weight. Here are some tips regarding weight management that should help you manage your weight more easily.

 Weigh yourself daily
There's no better way to track your progress in weight management than tracking your
weight daily. Sure, the differences won't be big. On the contrary, the ounces that you lose are  barely noticeable. However, once you start stringing a couple of days, you'll start noticing the
difference. Track your progress daily but compare your weight once every 7 days or, in other
words, once a week. This difference will be much more visible, and you'll feel motivated to

Eat your breakfast
One of the most common mistakes that people make regarding food is that they skip
breakfast. Some say they are not hungry. This usually comes from the fact they drink a cup of coffee first thing in the morning which acts as a stimulant to decrease appetite. Skipping breakfast has the negative effect of slowing down your metabolism. Plus research shows that those who skip breakfast tend to eat high sugar snacks more throughout the day.

 Teas Ginger, Green, and Cinnamon
Ginger has the amazing effect of breaking down fat deposits in your body. Green tea helps
fix your metabolism. This combination has an incredible effect on your body to assist in
proper weight management. Cinnamon tea is simply amazing too. It helps control your blood sugar levels and has a low-calorie count too. 


Avoid eating just before bed
Eating before bed (or waking up in the middle of the night for a snack) is very
detrimental to maintaining your weight. Your body simply isn't prepared to take care of food that late in the day. It's already preparing itself for sleep and diverting energy from organs that aren't necessary during the night like your stomach which doesn't work full steam when you sleep.  This means that any foods you eat late in the night will take more time to be digested.


Get more sleep
Lack of sleep can cause you to gain weight due to hormonal changes that happen. Leptin helps beak down fat which drops when you miss on your sleep. Gherlin increases which has an effect your appetite. This means you'll want to eat more when you awake. On top of that, sleep deprivation leads to increased amounts of stress, mood swings, and a complete lack of
energy and focus. Staying up too late can also mess up your biological clock. This means your circadian rhythms may change your metabolism.


 Have a walk every morning
Even the smallest of physical activities have a profound effect on your weight. Going for a
walk every morning will cause you to either lose weight or keep it steady. People think that
in order to lose weight you need to workout like crazy, and while this is true if you want to lose
weight fast, you don't have to work so hard. Simple exercises or walks for 30-45 minutes daily are enough to help you manage your weight and heart health.

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