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Eat an Early Dinner to Lose Weight

You may have heard that you shouldn't eat after 7pm especially if you're trying to lose weight. most nutritionists believe that food eaten after 7pm are usually higher in calories. But actually new information shows, eating at least 4 hours before bedtime, say around 5:30 PM,may not only result in a slimmer waistline, but better dreams and sounder sleep too. Studies have shown that when you have at least 4-5 hours between meals you'll actually burn calories more efficiently. waiting longer than that could result in a slower metabolism. So if you are eating breakfast at 7am, then lunch at noon and dinner at 5pm, you'll have even timing for digestion between meals. If you have lunch at noon and waiting seven hours until dinner, you may find yourself so hungry and even tired that you will eat more calories as well. When people are tired, they tend to eat more. Now getting a good nights' sleep is another essential weight management tool. Research shows that getting a solid 6-7 hours of sleep, helps control appetite and stabilize metabolism hormones Leptin and Gherlin. If you aren't getting a good night's rest, then Gherlin levels rise. Gherlin makes you like the Gremilns- it makes you unusually hungry the next day. At the same time Leptin hormones drop which help support the metabolism of fat. So you'll eat more and burn less on a hormonal basis. Plus by eating earlier, your body will better digest your food. Studies show that sleeping after eating drops the metabolic rate resulting in less calories burned while sleeping. That's one more reason to eat sooner in the evening. Overall the early dinner hour used to be for seniors looking for a deal. It turns out its a better deal for your waistline.

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