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Andrea Answers: Triathlete Foot Pain

Message: Hi, I'm from Indonesia. I'm a triathlete. My weakness is in running. If I run more than 15k my feet really hurt in many places such as shin splint, calf strain, and achilles tendonitis. I already have good running shoes which are assics noosa tri and ds trainer. And soles from foot doctor. I really want to overcome my problem because my goal is I want to join marathon. Can you help me? Thanks Nita

Pain is caused from muscle imbalances... try these simple exercises to help reduce your pain and improve your running:

1) heel walks - lift toes and walk for 2-3 minutes on your heels 2) toe pulls - with your hips on the floor and legs up against the wall ( hips toward the wall ) start with feet flat and then pull toes towards shins... perform 15 reps with feet parallel, toes apart and then toe turned in... do not point your toes rather flex and relax your feet 3) Hamstring work - build up your hamstrings and glutes to keep your hips open - running tightens the hip flexors and pulls the spine forward - keep your pelvis in balance by strenghtening the back side.

lmk if this works for you

all my best, Andrea

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