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Why Athletes Love Pilates session.

At StudiosFUSE Pilates, we take an athletic approach to traditional Pilates Reformer training. It comes from an functional and strengthening standpoint where you'll break a sweat and feel things that you don't get from a standard weight lifting session. Pilates methods are different in that you'll be using those small muscles that stabilize the spine by working the core muscles in every move. You’ll get that heart beating a little faster which will improve your blood pressure, resting heart rate and lung capacity. Most importantly, we make it fun!

Here are 5 reasons why athletes love Pilates:

  1. Pilates strengthens the core. Athletes know that the core is the center. of every power movement. If your core isn't strong, you can't exert force to swing a golf club or tennis racquet.

  2. Pilates improves balance. If you need to change directions quickly, you have to be agile and balance from one side of the body to the other. Pilates reformer training uses a sliding bed which moves as you pull, push, press and stretch. It makes the body react to sudden movements both laterally and front to back.

  3. Pilates improves breathing. Focused breathing incorporated into each Pilates movement helps create focus and improve lung capacity. This is needed for both endurance and sprint athletes alike.

  4. Pilates improves coordination. Dancers love the fluid movements performed in Pilates Reformer workouts but athletes love the movements for improving coordination. There are some movements that are unilateral but many are bilateral and while one side is pulling the other side of the body is pushing creating a new sense of control .

  5. Pilates improves flexibility. Tight muscles restrict movement and decrease range of motion. Longer levers and greater range can result in increased power and reach for athletes. Pilates Reformer moves strengthen the tight muscles which increases flexibility.


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