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Pro Athletes Careers Longer with Pilates

There are many careers that put undue stress on the body. Ballet dancers, gymnasts, figure skaters and other dance related careers have embraced Pilates as a means to excel in their profession as well as prevent injuries. The focus on the core and spinal movements that are practiced with precision are key to practice of Pilates reformer workouts.

But there are other sport professionals that are finding the benefits of the Pilates reformer workouts to be integral to their longevity in playing. Lebron James has been seen doing Pilates since 2015. He’s seen here in a candid video claiming he needs to get his summer body ready.” During a Pilates workout at BoaForma Pilates.

Another fan of Pilates is Tom Brady who focuses on lengthening muscles and keeping them pliable. Pilates is included in his workout fitness. He and wife Giselle Bunchen revealed their love of working out together and doing Pilates back in 2017 in an article on US Weekly.

Being from Chicago, following the Chicago Bears is a birthright and finding Christian Jones doing Pilates at a recent visit to Bian, found yet another 8-year veteran on the Pilates Reformer. Christian's wife, Liz Jones is a master trainer for ONYX Interactive, a new connected Pilates fitness reformer and platform coming in January 2022.

For almost a decade he has been incorporating Pilates into his off-season training which Christian credits to his longevity in playing in the NFL.

“We believe that Pilates is the most efficient and low-impact way to strengthen your entire body, especially your core, from the inside out. We also know from experience that pilates' focus on mind-body movement and correct postural alignment helps promote athletic career longevity.” -Liz and Christian Jones


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