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Hang 5 Surf Workout - 5 Moves to Tighten Your Belly

By Kat Farrell @fabgurlfitness

Surfers are some of the strongest and fittest athletes in existence. They must have strong abdominals to maintain balance and adapt in the moment on the unpredictable magnificence of the ocean. For this workout, we’re incorporating a surf-inspired routine on indoor surf boards that will rock your abs fit in no time.

Complete each exercise in the circuit for 60 seconds, then repeat for 2 rounds.

1. Plank & Booty Lift

A) Start in a plank position with shoulders stacked above hands, and legs extended long. Be mindful to keep core engaged, so there is no dip in the lower back.

B) Keeping hips parallel to the board, exhale and lift one leg in the air to fire up your glutes. Point your toes to keep feet active, plus it looks and feel prettier.​

2. Ride the Wave Crunch

A) Begin in a plié (sumo squat) on the board, keeping feet wide enough to see your toes beyond your knees. Place hands behind ears, and keep chin lifted.

B) To fire up the obliques, exhale reaching for the board behind feet. Inhale back into the starting squat position, exhale and switch sides.

3. Tap & Tuck

A) Begin in a table top position, hips stacked above knees and shoulders stacked above hands.

B) Maintaining solid arms, extend one leg towards the side floor. (Think dipping toes into the water the temperature of the ocean) Use the three limbs on the board to balance- tuck leg back to table top - repeat on the other side.

4. Hang Loose Squat

A) Place feet hips with apart, sit into 90 degree angle squat. Extend arms out shoulder height, parallel to the floor.

B) Rise into standing with a strong push away from the board, reaching arms high in the sky.

5. Surfer Warrior III

A) Begin in a standing position on the board, hands centered together. Slowly bow at the hip, reaching single leg behind you parallel to the floor (similar to move #1). To modify the intensity, place hands on the board in front of base foot to assist with balance support.


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