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How to stay sane when locked in at home.

Working from home.

Living through this new wave of CV19 in Chicago means stay in shelter or not leaving your house for anything that isn't essential. It means, I 'll be staying home other than going into my building to check on things working properly as a building structure.

That said, we decided, in our home to make a plan for "Stay in shelter" living. Here are the rules that we are going to put into action starting tonight!

Rules for quarantine

  • Eat dinner at the table and light candles (No more grazing in the kitchen)

  • No TV during dinner ( A bad habit we are getting into this past week with the restaurant and bar closings)

  • Plan Hangouts or Zoom Calls at least 3x week (for business and pleasure)

  • Wake up by 7am ( this is really sleeping in but we are going to enjoy it )

  • Workout daily - these will be shared online ( Check out our instgram at Studios FUSE )

  • Eat high fiber ( more fruits and veggies ) at least 30 grams

  • Drink at least 4 bottles of water daily

What self rules will you place on yourself during this time?

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