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Guest Review: "fast-paced and challenging, but not in an intimidating way" - Sarah K.

Meet Sarah

I went to school at Loyola and I have always worked out, but never focused on strength training, only cardio. My hobbies include: walking outside with my dogs, trying new restaurants, going to movies, and DIY projects at home. I work at a large corporation in the suburbs, which involves sitting at a desk or in the car for a significant portion of the day.

Why do you like Hang 5 Fitness? It's fun! The classes are fast-paced and challenging, but not in an intimidating way. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and conscientious of injuries. The boards force you to keep your core tight to keep your balance, so you're constantly working.

What classes have you attended? All of the classes! Surf Bootcamp, Surf Yoga, Float Pilates and Surf Blend

What is your favorite class and why? It's hard to choose a favorite, but I really enjoy the Surf Blend and Float Pilates because you work hard but the focus is on deliberate movements. The Bootcamp is more interval style with quick pop-ups and a lot of variety, while the yoga is a little more slow-paced, but still challenges your balance and flexibility.

Has your body changed since taking classes at Hang 5 Fitness? Definitely! I have definitely dropped inches since starting Hang 5.

Why did you start taking classes at Hang 5 Fitness? I saw a new client special on MindBody and thought it sounded fun.

Hang 5 Fitness is featured on the MindBody app and in Classpass.

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