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Golfers get Par from Pilates

Players like Tiger Woods changed the landscape of golf to an athletic event. In fact, the PGA states that most of the professional golfers the PGA TOUR are exercising to improve their bodies and their games, and many of them (Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Rich Beam) are using Pilates.

Why is Pilates part of reaching par performance on the links? It comes down to PAR. Posture, Alignment and Reaction to movements.

  1. Posture. Every movement on the Pilates Reformer makes your body engage your core and has a specific effect on posture. Even when you're lying down, there is a posture for the hips and shoulders in unison with the head and neck positioning that helps strengthen these muscles. On the Reformer, you'll find yourself, standing, kneeling, lunging and even lying down to perform controlled movements that strength the body.

  2. Alignment. If you move ever so slightly in golf with your head, hips or shoulders, it will change the swing dynamic and result of your drive. Each movement on the Pilates reformer is done with precision practicing to keep sequencing rotation and flexion in alignment. Plus the movements done on the Pilates reformer help lengthen muscles and increase flexibility. More length means more distance.

  3. Reaction. Each movement or pull on the Reformer enables a reaction force. This helps improve balance, core and overall strength needed for the precise movements that are part of every swing on the course.


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