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Get more from your workouts


Get more from your workouts

Looking to get more out of each workout? Here are 10 ways to get better results from your workouts.

1. Hydrate. Your muscles are made of 72% water so staying hydrated is key for performance. Water is good but remember electrolytes are lost during tough workouts. Try premium sports drinks like BODYARMOR.#partner

2.Core Matters. Engaging your core throughout every movement helps prevent injuries and burn more calories. In Hang 5 Fitness classes, each time you step on the boards your core gets engaged. Most of the time, you won't notice it until after the workout is over.

3. Symmetry. Working evenly on the front and back as well as left and right sides of the body helps build symmetry and creates more fluid movements. In a Hang 5 Fitness class, you not only balance left to right but front to back as well. And that happens in all levels, standing, laying down and even on hands and knees.

4. Fuel Up. Skipping meals doesn't help you lose weight and fasting before a workout may leave you with a headache and less energy to perform your best. Think about pre-fueling for your workouts with a lower calorie carbohydrate like a banana or chocolate milk and don't forget post fuel with protein to help rebuild muscle tissues and replace lost muscle glycogen with carbs.

5. Recover. We know you like to push the limits, but remember that recovery and rest are key to rebuilding torn muscle fibers. Opt for 6-8 hours of sleep and cut back on the evening "wine down" routine. The second glass of wine or alcoholic beverage will most likely wake you a within about 4 hours after heading to bed. So stick to one as the limit if you chose to imbibe.


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