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Eat Your Dessert And Don't Feel Guilty

Do you feel that sometimes, ordering dessert can be too indulgent. Or maybe you're trying to eat healthier and skipping dessert feels like the right thing to do. Forget it about it! Eat dessert with these tips in mind and skip the guilty feelings.

5 Tips for lighter desserts

1. Use Greek vanilla yogurt instead of whipped cream on pies & cobblers. (Chobani has a Simply 100 calorie one with 12 grams of protein)

2. Try fresh fruit with goat cheese. YUM - creamy and sweet.

3. Bake or poach fruit in sweet wine or juice rather than a topping with sugary crust. Love me some bananas or peaches.

4. Opt for fruit or coconut sorbet instead of ice cream.

5. If you must have chocolate or other higher calorie items, take a smaller serving. You won't feel guilty if you serve in a ramkin or on small plates.


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