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Why high impact exercise isn't necessary

Bootcamp classes focus on high-intensity intervals alternating cardio and strength. These classes typically include quick movements and high-impact exercises with one instructor to supervise more than a dozen people at at time. The chance for an injury is higher than in a yoga or Pilates class, but many claim the increased intensity helps them stay challenged. But to increase intensity, one doesn't need to use high impact movements.

High impact exercises include jumping jacks, squat jumps, burpees, and even skating. Some people consider jumping rope a high-impact exercise as well. High impact is defined by any movement that takes both feet off the ground. Even jogging or running stairs can be considered high impact.

Jumping causes stress to the joints and may lead to an oops moment.

Best ways to get your heart rate up and calorie burn up is to still do high-intensity moves but opt for low-impact exercises. Low impact exercises that pack a punch include rowing, cycling, elliptical or swimming. Other exercises that work well to increase heart rate include hitting a boxing bag or mitts, lunges, mountain climbers, bear crawls, or medicine ball slams. Include these exercises in 2-3 minutes bursts between your strength training sets to drive your heart rate up and get better results.

Box jumping is a high-impact movement
Bootcamp classes


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