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Be healthy, be moved.

Group fitness brings support and happiness. be healthy be moved

When I started out in the fitness industry, I was excited each time I put on the music and lead an aerobics class. It was always amazing to think I could get paid to workout but the real rewards were when people came up to me after class and said they had fun or they felt stronger. The key to living a healthy life is no only to move but to feel something when you do it or (more likely) when it's done.

Developing a tag line is something that brings your passion and business goal together. Be healthy is my goal for everyone - myself included. Health is wealth. Be moved is about getting people to start moving, walking, jumping, dancing, etc, anything that gets their heart pumping blood around the body but more importantly, it's about being emotionally moved. Once you find the emotional connection to something you can fully immerse yourself into it.


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